SKF 6302 Bearing


Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve Bearings. With a history of satisfied customers, expertise and quality, Rexnord produces sleeve bearings that can help you take on a variety of applications. Reduced maintenance operation, including extra-long life and no lubrication requirements ensure Link-Belt Sleeve Bearings promote uptime and meet your needs.Sleeve bearings are plain bearings which have very few moving parts in their construction. This article explains their applications and comparison with ball bearings. Bearings carry load and facilitate motion, hence, they have a wide range of applications.

A sleeve bearing is a self-lubricating cylinder that allows the bearing to turn, enabling your machinery to complete rotary motions. Sleeve bearings perform excellently in low heat applications, such as industrial fans or computers. Also, sleeve bearings are quieter, and a more affordable option compared to ball bearings.


TIMKEN 840302 bearing
TIMKEN 840302 bearing
Flanged Pilot Type
TIMKEN 86649 bearing
TIMKEN 86649 bearing
Open Type
TIMKEN 716649 bearing
TIMKEN 716649 bearing
Bottom Mount
14 Days
TIMKEN 802048 bearing
TIMKEN 802048 bearing
Black Oxide Coating
TIMKEN 406 bearing
TIMKEN 406 bearing
1045 Carbon Steel
TIMKEN 3920 bearing
TIMKEN 3920 bearing
ZZ (Double Shield)
ISOSTATIC FF-303-2  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC FF-303-2 Sleeve Bearings
95 +0.087 / 0
ISOSTATIC AA-521-11  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC AA-521-11 Sleeve Bearings
123,2 mm
70 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-521  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC AA-521 Sleeve Bearings
270 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-620-8  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC AA-620-8 Sleeve Bearings
25,4 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-842-3  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC AA-842-3 Sleeve Bearings
57,000 mm
28,737 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-744  Sleeve Bearings
ISOSTATIC AA-744 Sleeve Bearings
18,7 kN
13,7 kN
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